Integration with InvenTree via HTTP Interface

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I originally introduced the InvenTree project. Ever since then, there has been a lot of discussion about integrating directly with KiCad. As a daily KiCad user, I have always been very keen to link these two great open source tools together, but the stars had never aligned - until now!

With the recent merging of HTTP library support into KiCad, we had our chance :slight_smile: The new HTTP library allowed us to very quickly develop a plugin for InvenTree which supports the new KiCad feature.

So now, you can use InvenTree database as your single source of part information, including supplier data, inventory information, and part attributes. This information is pulled down into KiCad, allowing schematics to be constructed from fully qualified parts which are stored in the external database.

If you want to take this for a spin (assuming you have InvenTree installed) then you’ll have to be running KiCad nightly builds - at least until KiCad 8.0 is released, probably in a couple of weeks :wink:

I’m very happy to announce that the pieces of this puzzle have finally come together - it has been a long road to get to this point. I hope that many of you find this as useful as I do :slight_smile:



I just want to caution some things about this:

  1. KiCad 8.0 is scheduled to be released at the end of January 2024, not in a couple of weeks
  2. The HTTP library feature may change in ways that break this integration (until the InvenTree side is updated) up until the 8.0 release.
  3. Designs and libraries made with 7.99 nightlies cannot be opened in the stable version, and using the nightly builds puts you at higher risk of crashes and data loss.

So please do try it out, but keep these caveats in mind until 8.0 stable.

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A couple of a couple of a couple, right? A few?

Great news! I am a big fan of both projects and I am happy to see them work together :handshake: