Installing and using Autorouter



I wanted to know how to download, install and use the auto router. Is there any tutorial on it pls.

Arvind Gupta


Don’t waste your time for autorouters. Good components placement let you easy manual routing.


What @keruseykaryu is essentially saying - a lot of us here don’t use the autorouter, as it’s results will be crappy if you don’t help it (yes, you) by placing the devices in a way that the autorouter doesn’t create crap.
And once one has done that, it’s usually not much work to get the routing done, without any autorouter at all, so we go the full mile and do it manually.


I don not use the auto router but it seems there are options out there. Just search this forum. Example a recently updated topic:


I always use the autorouter, for the same reason I use a compiler to generate assembly code. It may be crappy, but I can do more interesting things while it works…and my routing sucks, so the autorouter often does a better job!

None of the boards I make require any skill routing though, I don’t do any sensitive analog or high-speed stuff.

Layout curved tracks/traces