Install Kicad on Raspberry Pï Debian


Hello All, I try to install on my Pi the Kicad pacakge, following web sugestion : sudo apt install kicad this install an old release from 2014 not compatible with actual 4.0.7. Any Tuto / Idea to solve this ? Thanks.


I haven’t checked recently but Debian had the old package as default. You could get the recent version through ‘backports’. I have no knowledge of how the Pi Debian works though.


Thanks for answer, by default the Pi is recommended to be used with Debian, I saw on forums Ubuntu with Mate is available for PI and a release 4.0.7 is on Kicad download. I’ve another SD card then I’ll try with Ubuntu ! Thanks.


KiCad will probably run on the Pi, but is likely to be a rather frustrating experience with limited RAM and lack of decent graphics accelerators


If the purpose is to actually do something with it, I wouldn’t even try with older than RPi 3. You might be interested about some experiments people have done with Pi/OpenGL, e.g.