Info on PadPainter

Hi @devbisme @hildogjr or anybody using PadPainter succesfully

I was trying the plugin on 5.1.0 on Windows 7 and while the plugin runs, and seems to read the netlist (it notifies me when entering non existent footprint reference designator) it does not populate the units list. Is this a Windows issue (-cache.lib having a windows line endings) or is it a 5.1 issue (I think that -cache.lib has changed format during the V5 cycle.

But I should say that I am not really interested in plugin functionality per se. I want to see what do you need to do in order to Highligh() items. While I can highlight items when using pcbnew console, the same code does not work when run from action plugin. Did you test this on Windows also? Are there any special tricks?

I’m not sure if I’m answering the right question, but PadPainter uses the SetBrightened() and ClearBrightened() methods for the Pad objects.

Thanks for the answer. I did try to use those methods previously, but I did not managed to get them working. The reason is unknown as that was about a year ago. But now I got them working.

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