Incomplete 3d view

Incomplete 3d view

I created a project using the arduino nano template.

After opening the template I give it a project name.

Attached is the PCB layout in progress.

Attached is the 3d view. It does not show all the components.

I did change the footprint paths for the missing components.

Forum posts seem to indicate I have to update the footprints to cure the problem.

Where and how do I do that? Kicad 6 using I am.

If you have PCB border at Edge.Cuts layer the 3D view will be better.

So as a general rule before looking at the 3d view, one should have the edge cut. It is, however rather interesting that I made another project with the nano template but in that case I made no modifications to the footprints. The viewer showed all the components.

In any case, I will add an early edge cut before using 3d view.

Thank you for the help.


You should add the edge cuts, but that will not make the missing components show . . . if you look into their footprints you will probably see they have missing 3D CAD.

Adding an edge cut did make the components show.

I will, in any case ch the footprints for 3d cad.

How do I check for missing 3d cad? I did however put up a test project and used the same components. they did not show in the 3d viewer until I added an edge cut.

by the way i am using the nano template with this footprint digikey-footprints:Term_Block_1x10_P5.08mm

Without edge cut 3D view not shows PCB itself.
Look at your picture. For me if I imagine PCB being under this big footprint then it seems for me that all resistors you have float over PCB itself. I supposed that may be they have wrongly set Z offset but didn’t want to write it before seeing the picture with PCB at it.

I am surprised. I suggested to add edge cut not because of this. But it looks that 3D viewer simply have problems with some 3D models if there is not PCB itself.

In Footprint editor when opening Footprint properties (DIL6 icon at top toolbar) and selecting 3D Models tab.

In my new test project, the coordinates are extremely close but the component does not show without the edge cut.

In footprint properties, 3d models I see an image. kicad 6

I even don’t know if it is a bug. I suppose PCB 3D view is not expected to work properly without PCB shape being defined.
Probably no one have checked how 3D view behaves without PCB as no one uses 3D view without it.

If you also see it at PCB (with PCB defined) than everything is correct. Yes?

no edge cut, no show component. Maybe someone can try using the nano template with the component I listed above and figure out what is going on rather than relying on one with limited knowledge such as I.

Thank you for all the guidance and help.

Can you get that on screen in the footprint editor and show the 3D model and then do a screen snip and post it here . . .

will do. If there was some way to do it, i could send the entire project file. Ideas?

You can Archive the project then upload it here for people to take a look.

By the time you guys on done with me I might graduate from the level of kicad struggler to new user. I have archived and copied the zip. I don’t see how upload it. It won’t paste here.


I mean it won’t paste here.