INA818 simulation problem

I want to simulate an instrument amplifier, the INA818 with a basic schema. In the input I have a sinusoïdal of 10kHz and 10mV and a resistor Rg for the gain of 10kOhm.
But when i want to simulate it I have this error :

No. of Data Rows : 0
doAnalyses: TRAN: Timestep too small; initial timepoint: trouble with xu1.xa3.xe_n3:dvn-instance d.xu1.xa3.xe_n3.d1
run simulation(s) aborted

I don’t understand the error. I double check the nodes sequences and it is good.
And when I put an other amplifier spice like the INA128 everything works.
Can you help me please ?

Please provide version info (KiCad, ngspice).
Eeschema → Help → About KiCad → Version

Please submit, if possible, your project as a zip file.

At least please provide the ngspice netlist here as a text file or as text:
Eeschema → File → Export → Netlist → Spice → Export Netlist

I am on Kicad 6.0.2
Here the ngspice netlist :
instru_amplifier.cir (294 Bytes)

You may need to consider chapter “Application Information (continued)
9.1.2 Input Bias Current Return Path” and its Fig. 68 of the INA818 data sheet.

Adding 2 resistors

R1 Net-_U1-Pad3_ VCC/2 47k
R2 Net-_U1-Pad2_ VCC/2 47k

will enable the simulation.