Import/Create FootPrint DXF

  1. you need to scale your DXF into a mechanical CAD i.e. LibreCAD or QCAD or FreeCAD to give some open source example.
    KiCAD is an ECAD and it has not high support for mechanical tools.
  1. PNG or any image format are not suggested as a reference for mechanical design, unless you use them as a canvas to design with real dimensions. This is what can be done for example in FC using Image WB and Image scale (you missed to read it above).
  1. KiCAD can import DXF, but it can be used only for FSilks or Drawing layers, because for PADS it doesn’t allow to fill the imported outline…
  1. In most cases the outline of the model is not available, not even in DXF format… but the 3D model is available and with the above method (which you missed to read) you can project the 3D model on a XY plane to have the 2D representation of the model itself.
    This can be achieved without any calculation or creation of draft lines or even scaling anything…


Hi @Guillaume_Boulay
you now have an improved approach…
please have a look at this new feature for ECAD MCAD collaboration / synchronization
It should put KiCAD & FreeCAD to a new level of mating! :smiley:


just saw this message !! I will look into it for sure ! Thanks