Implemetation of 1N6263 Diode


I tried to implement a 1N6263 diode. I used the symbol from the KiCad library
and downloaded the spice code from the ST homepage and added the code to a local lib-file. In the device property window, where I am referring to the spice code, it is directly recognized as a diode, but somehow it does not work. Error message:
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Error: unknown subckt: xdiode net-diode-pad1 0 1n6263
Error: there aren’t any circuits loaded.

Has anyone a tip what I did wrong?


Since I am not able to upload the .sch-file nor the local .lib-file please find below at least the content of the .lib-file.

.MODEL 1N6263 D IS=3.8736E-9 N=1.0099 RS=31.514 IKF=18.247 CJO=1.7738E-12 M=.1955 VJ=.3905 ISR=6.2866E-9 NR=3.9204 FC=0.5 TT=0 XTI=2

This may help - depends on how detailed you want in a Model.

I grabbed one of my part test files with a Diode - did not rerun/plot it, just grabbed what I’d already done.
It uses a pSpice diode model that (as I remember) it’s part of the KiCad parts (screenshot below shows the short list).

There are other models but, for me, I needed only a minimal model so, did not fuss.
After simulation, I saved the Net file and massaged it into LTspice (which, I prefer for simulation). That’s shown on the attached, though you may not be interested in it… It’s a reminder to me of how I did it.

Put the .model line into a file: First line
* some title
second line: the .model line
Name the file D1N6263.lib, store it somewhere

Click onto the diode symbol to open Symbol Properties page
Click onto ‘Edit Spice Model …’
Select the ‘Model’ tab
Click onto ‘Select file’, select the D1N6263.lib file
Select the ‘Alternate node sequence’ buttton, enter 2 1 into the associated text field.
(This unfortunately is necessary because ngspice and KiCAD typically have the diode polarity just the opposite way.)

You may also have a look at

Thank you. That worked well.