Images in pdf schematics


With all v6 versions tested, the additions of images in the diagrams do not appear in the pdf file.
How solve that please ?
I have tried the 6.0.9 with the same pdf issue.



Does the image have transparency? There are some compatibility issues with transparent PNGs.

Thanks for your help,
No, i use only jpg pictures

How do you create the pdf?

  1. File->plot->PDF
  2. or File->Print->using virtual pdf-printer driver?

The printing-variant (2) has some issues with images (Printing Image in the schematic), depending on settings and used pdf-printer-driver and maybe used OS.

I see a little bit of confusion in this discussion. I would expect that .pngs would be the most likely format for reproduction in the schematic. But the OP is mentioning .jpgs and @mf_ibfeew is discussing .pdfs. .jpgs are oriented towards photographs (as opposed to line art for example) with millions of colors, and I would think that .jpgs would be more of a challenge than a .png with 8 or 64 colors for example. But do I really KNOW what of I speak? NO.

Nope, there really is an issue with 24 bit transparent pngs but not jpegs :wink: It’s in wxwidgets however and not kicad.

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With the v5 version I could add jpg pictures on a schematic page and and I could see these pictures into the pdf file.
But with the v5 version, I don’t see my pictures into my pdf file

If you are on Windows, this might be the corresponding bug report:

There are some hints how to circumnavigate the issue. Besides you can comment your own findings to help fixing the problem.

If you circumnavigate don’t you come back to the starting point? :wink:

Yeah, ok, point taken, “work around” would have been a better choice ^^

Thanks again for your help,

If i use plot and not print, my problem is solved !
But if i have several schematic’s pages and i use print, i have only one pdf file.
With plot, i have a pdf file for each page.
It’s a problem for me.
I hadn’t this issue with the v5 version.

I think the word you had in mind was circumvent. :grinning:

A program like pdftk can concatenate the pages into one file. But of course better if it weren’t necessary to do this.

Wait what, the schematic plot should be a single PDF file (or else even the new table of contents feature I added would not work)

If I use plot feature I get all sheets in one PDF. Did you press “Plot All Pages” or “Plot Current Page”? My version is 6.0.7.
CC: @retiredfeline


I have just tried your method for plot in one pdf file and the result is what i want :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help again,

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