ICs simulation - ngspice | KiCad 8

Is it possible at all to simulate ICs, such as microcontrollers or sensors on Kicad/nspice? I tried to find .lib file for Texas Instruments CC2652R but couldn’t. is there any way? Thank you.

I suppose it depends upon how creative you are. I am an experienced designer but not so skilled wrt simulation. Right now I am struggling to get a simulation of an LM324 (“jelly bean” with millions sold) working in LTSpice.

For the most part, it seems that TI mainly supports TinaTI and PSpice, ADI supports LTSpice, and Microchip supports their own version of Simetrix/Simplis. So if you have a design with ICs from multiple manufacturers (who would be crazy enough to do that?) :grimacing:, you have to be more creative.

What sort of thing do you want to simulate?
I think Proteus can simulate the whole microcontroller, emulate all it’s firmware and peripherals, but this seems a bit overly complicated to me. It’s probably relatively easy to use an ideal spice source to program it to generate some bit pattern, add a bit of stuff to make it more “microcontroller pin alike” and then use that.

Maybe even write a small script to generate a bit pattern in spice syntax into a text file and load that into the emulator.