I wish a link to the Kicad site

I am a bit lazy. I have several bookmarks/favorites to this forum, but none for the Kicad site. How about adding a link there? I mean you in this forum, right on top main page a link to the KiCad website…

Google is your friend :slight_smile:

Google can be a lot of effort :sweat:
A link up top would mean we could click on a link on the link on the link to find our way back here :laughing:

I’m not entirly sure, but best I know the website of this forum is kindly provided (and paid?) for by Chris Gammel.

Best I know he is not very interested in writing HTML, or has no time to do so, for example the FAQ link at the top of this forum is also quickly and sloppily hacked in, and on some screen widths it overlaps with the hamburger menu. (For me on a 3500 pixel wide screen).
For example, also see this old thread:

The KiCad website also has a direct link to this forum on:

So the way forward seems to wait or lobby for a volunteer who is both not lazy and has interest and knowledge of html stuff to do some occasional maintenance on this site.

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you can’t be that lazy - it’s 9 characters!

or 2 mouse clicks.

First, to go back a page
Second, either where the green arrows point.

Sadly, two mouse clicks is a lot harder than one mouse click. :weary:

Of course, then there is the decision of which logo to click :sweat:

This is what it looks like here. I see no link to https://www.kicad.org/

Quite many forums forget to tell what is it you are supposed to talk about. Their info or about boxes tell about forums in general and how to use your computer, but you have guess what is the website.

Back arrow up top LH corner.

I’m starting to feel that way myself, on occasions… nothing to do with Kicad either :upside_down_face:

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