Huge problem in R10240 on Windows

Hi folks!
I work with nightly builds. R10225 was ok. Latest from today (R10240) have a huge problem: open pcb become error “OpenGL 2.1 or higher required!”, 3-D viewer looks very strange and any trying to render willcrash KiCAD complete…
My System:
i7 7700
Asus Z270 TUF Mark2 Board
GTX1070 (MSI Armor)

Any idea?

Best regards,

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Thanks a lot, I wrote a report right now…:wink:

Please give a link to the report, too.

Did you try again with the older version?

Open GL 2.1 is ancient. Any modern PC apparently not have at least 2.1 has a broken driver.

There is a major Windows 10 update rolling out right now which will probably break things.

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Often, after a Win 10 update, it has necessary to re-install graphic drivers… they are in place, but not working correctly…
The GPU driver is not working after an update Windows 10, or the video card is not detected.
Win 10 updates are a very annoying ‘bug’

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