How to update symbol in schematic?


I created a schematic symbol and placed it into my schematic.
Later I changed that symbol.
How do I update the schematic so that the symbol matches the new library part?


Happens for me instantaneous?!

Can’t test it now as I just installed the latest nightly and they seem to have changed the library setup…


It only happens instantaneous if you start the symbol editor from within eeschem.
(By right-clicking it and selecting “edit component”->“edit with library editor”. Or short [Ctrl+E])

If you start the library editor from the project manager and edit your symbol from there you need to close eeschem and reopen it to be prompted with the rescue symbols dialog.
There you need to select don’t rescue.

Another possible failure would be that you forgot to save the library changes to disk (in the symbol editor it is the leftmost button).


Neither closing and reopening the schematic editor did anything nor right clicking on the component “edit component”->“edit with library editor” did anything. In the latter case I tweaked the component slightly and saved it.

If I place a new component, that component is updated.

I forgot to move the reference designator back. (i know that at this stage i could just delete all the symbols and place new one, i just want to know for the future where this might be too difficult to do.)

Here is an image of the older symbol vs the new symbol.


Just for fun (and to get a better understanding of what is going on) try to make a more major change to the symbol.
I observed that footprints can’t be updated (not even with the tool update footprint) if you only change the 3dshapes settings.
Maybe something similar is going on with symbols. (I think the position of the reference designator is initialized upon placing the component, but then it is not updated from the symbol. Otherwise you would not be able to move the reference.)


Yes, the position of the refdes is overridden in the schematic. You can reset the label positions by going to Edit Component then click “Reset to Library Defaults”.


You must have a case of ‘same component in different libraries’ or similar… only the one that appears first is being taken and updated, not the other ones.

For the component that behaves odd try this:

And select the component that properly updates (essentially replace it). Should solve your problem.


Is there anyway to do this for every similar part on the sheet?

I think I’ve made a mess of one of my symbol parts.


Maybe by ‘tricking’ the rescue symbols function at the start of EEschema to become active?

I think you would need to change the symbol in the lib and then reload the schematic, it should ask you if the ones in your schematic should be rescued or if you want to use the one from the lib… I hope

  • fingers crossed *


I was not able to figure it out. I gave up and just changed 20+ manually.

It seems to me now, that the mistake I made was not updating the time stamp of the part that I wanted to use. But, I’m not certain.

There are a couple of other symbols that I want to change so maybe I’ll get it figure out sometime in the future.


Did anyone work this out?
It seems the only way to update the component on the schematic is delete and add new.
Not very convenient.


I just tried a redraw after another component edit and this time it worked!
Maybe you just need a little luck.