How to remove Title Block

I would like to remove or at least greatly reduce the title block in my schematics. Is there any option to do this?

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  • design worksheet from the main form top right icon (Ctrl+Y).
  • in eeschema/pcbnew set paper size
  • load page layout description file

I checked this but the “layout description file” is a dropdown for browsing. I assume there are some type of templates stored somewhere including one that is devoid of the Title Block. I looked around a bit in the KiCad files but did not see anything resembling a set of layout descriptions but then I am not sure what to look for-

Of course it is. You have to create at least one first before you can select one in this dropdown list.

KiCad comes with a default file somewhere. Best is to set up one to your own specifications.

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Ok, that mean we still don’t get rid of the title block.

Unless you actually design one by using the layout editor you won’t. See below.


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Why do you think so?



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@fsonnichsen here you go. select the file from eeschema “edit page settings” window.

It’ll be useful if you understand / learn how to edit layout file yourself for future projects - if you need custom title block.

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OK–I understand that there is a “sheet title block” edit option vaguely described on page 55 of the eesechema manual. But this only seems to allow entering fields into the existing default block. There is no option to remove the block completely, change its structure, or shrink it considerably. At this time I must use 8.5x11 pages and the block occupies a considerable amount of valuable space on my schematic and it has a lot of superfluous fields that I do not want or use for my lab.
thanks all

That is simply not true.

Hey look, no title block.

Yes there is. You have to make an effort to actually do it. Bring up the layout editor and explore. You can delete, add any lines and/or texts. Reading a manual is one thing. Results come from experiment.

Guys i think @fsonnichsen has now gotten enough confirmation that what they desire is indeed possible. Might be time to give advice on how to do it.

The way i know of is to make a new worksheet template with the Pl editor. That template is simply left blank and stored under a sensible name somewhere logical. Then in the project reference said empty template. (use the folder button in the worksheet preferences dialog to select the empty worksheet)

If somebody is overly motivated then a general how to make a worksheet template and use it tutorial might be a good addition to the FAQ.

To be fair, that advice was given in post #2.

Of course it is PL editor not pi, although neither will make sense to a newbie. Better to call it Page Layout editor.

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I still have the old version 4 name in my had (Pl uppercase p plus lowercase l which can be easily confused with uppercase i. And for some reason i made that error of thinking it is an uppercase i and just can not forget that misinformation.)

Rene-thanks for your kind reply. I am looking at the Page Layout information now and probably can figure this out.

Jos–I am happy I did not learn to fly airplanes by “experimenting”. One or 2 lines in a manual can be worth half an hour of experimenting. :laughing:
Now I see what your first post was referring to–I was looking for the PL editor on the eescehma page and could not find what you were referring to. Thanks for the post.

I don’t know of anywhere to report suggestions to the KiCad developers but once this is resolved it would be nice to suggest that they add a line to the eeschema manual on this topic. Casting about the web others have had this question and that is a clear indication that the manual could be improved here. All told I really appreciate that the KiCad team has most of their doc in a few PDFs instead of spread out all over the place with hyperlinks–or worse-made into movies!


They gave you a license based on book studies without you flying a plane? Nice :slight_smile:

Trying to write in the manual every conceivable question users could ask is basically impossible.

All you need to do is:

  1. Ask a question here
  2. Follow the advice

This thread is a bit confusing. Jos gave textual advice, he gave a screenshot, I gave three screenshots which show how to edit the title block and select the corresponding file. Then Rene said “Might be time to give advice on how to do it” and @fsonnichsen didn’t read the instructions, either.

Which words do you recommend adding to the manual?

I don’t remember ever using the Page Layout Editor.
This past winter, I considered editing this composite (title block). But I had no idea how. I still have to go look for it before I know whether it is in eeschema or pcbnew or somewhere else.

You didn’t look at my screenshots, did you? :unamused:

Captions for your screenshots might have helped a bit (I know how to do it and i could not follow what you tried to convey.)

In the end everyone gave pieces to the puzzle but nobody showed the full picture.