How to rearrange hierarchical sheet pins

I am a beginner with KiCAD, but I am very experienced in hardware development and PCB design, but on other development systems. The prolem I’m facing occures on KiCAD7.0.6.
I find the implementations of KiCAD quite successful, but I fail in one, probably small problem.
I have created hierarchical sheet pins on the root sheets hierarchical sheets. But would like to rearrange them, as for further development and clarity is better. Unfortunately, the hierarchical sheet pins cannot be marked individually. Any attempt to mark one of the hierarchical sheet pins individually ends up marking the entire hierarchical sheet and all hierarchical sheet pins, which doesn’t help me.
I hope there is a simple answer to the simple question, how can I move hierarchical sheet pins individually to another position onto the hierarchical sheet placed on the root sheet?

I am a beginner with KiCAD …

welcome to the forum, where you will get answers to the questions of life (at least regarding kicad).

As I don’t experience problems in selecting individual hierarchical sheet pins I can only guess:

  • some weird grid setting (try to stay with 0,05" or 0,1" grid in the schematic)?
  • use of truetype outline fonts (as opposed to the standard kicad stroke font)? The use of custom fonts was a source of different bugs in the past

alternative options to select the wanted hierarchical sheet pin:

  • box-select the sheet-pins (draw a rectangular selection box around the pins). In this case use only the left–>right box-selection, otherwise the parent sheet-rectangle is selected together with te pins
  • long left mouse button (LMB) click on top of the wanted sheet pin - this hould bring up the disambiguation menu

Read also New Member Information and follow the recommendations until you get promoted to the basic user level. With that user level you are allowed to attach a zipped project (from kicad manager–>File–>archive project) - this allows us to investigate the project and find the problem faster.

I have no problems at all moving/dragging hierachical pins. Just grab with the mouse (left button) and move.
A screenshot/project file would be helpful.

On gitlab there was a second user complaining abot “can’t select sheet pins” so I investigated a second time. With the stable branch (v7.0.x) there are selection-problems if the label is drawn with custom font.

You can follow the issue on gitlab: