How to install a spice app into Eeschema?


Q1: How does one install Ngspice into the Eeschema application on MAC OS High Sierra?
The topic similar to this describes how to install Ngspice in Windows or Linux only.
I did not know this was an option before I downloaded MacSpice (which seems to work with sample spice files),
but I have to generate the net-list file and save it, then input the file into MacSpice to run it. It would be good to run it within KiCad… like “talking to the horses mouth”.
I have just installed kicad-unified 5.0 today.

Q2: Can MacSpice 3 be installed the same way… ie, in the Eeschema app?
If Ngspice works better in this way I will use it instead.


There should be no need to install ngspice because it is an integral part of KiCad.

MacSpice3 cannot be added to Eeschema because Eeschema uses ngspice as a shared library, which is not available from MacSpice.


My question again… “Q1: How does one install Ngspice into the Eeschema application on MAC OS High Sierra?
The topic similar to this describes how to install Ngspice in Windows or Linux only.”

If it is an integral part of KiCad, then why is there no mention of running simulations in the KiCad documentation?

Is this to be a surprise when completing a schematic capture?

I am not a computer programer, I am an aging electronics engineer who started on designing tube circuits without computer aids. I am now trying my hand at using the latest tools to make my own designs. I need step-by-step instructions of technical processes to install software.


Probably not enough, but the simulator is mentioned in the docs :


KiCad is nearly all generated by volunteers. If the documentation is incomplete, then no one has volunteered to write it yet.

Then I suggest using some other software. KiCad is free, did you know that?


Did you install KiCad 5.0.0 from ?

Do you ask for support to do this? Then somebody else might give you the answer, because I am not on MacOS.

If you have installed KiCad 5.0.0 from the above web site, then ngspice extension to Eeschema should be readily available without further installation. Then you might have a look at, chapts. 2 ff. for an introduction (generating a small circuit, setting up the simulation, simulating and looking at the results).


I have installed KiCad 5.0.0 from the above web site… as I stated in my OP, kicad-unified 5.0 .
And I have just started my 1st schematic drawing on it. I always draw my schematics on paper 1st. Then draw them in a computer program to run a simulation. I have used Mouser’s MultiSim Blue on my Windows XP. I built the XP myself, and the XP still works without connecting to the web, but the MultiSim has “timed out”. Mouser no longer supports it.

Thank you Efcis, I’ll read the eeschema.html doc to see the initialization of the simulator.

Any other assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thank you holger, I am pleasantly surprised to find ngspice is included.
That makes me most enthusiastic (some may think spastic) to precede to learn this new technology. (Spice is new to old technical minds who cut their teeth on “suck it and see” prototyping.) KiCad must have old introductions to it in the “About KiCad” page that state this is only schematic capture and pcb layout software. I was given the impression that a spice simulator would be separate.

Is Ngspice 28 specifically included in the kicad-unified 5.0.0-1.dmg I installed from ?


Yes. Look in Eeschema for “Simulation”


Are there MAC OS High Sierra users here that have experience with Ngspice?

Ngspice-28 for KiCad

Thank you Seth_h for your reply in Are there MAC OS High Sierra users here? .
That topic is now closed and locked.

I have KiCad 5.0 installed and running on my MAC mini.
It appears to work after a small test circuit I made on Eeschema.

I started this new topic to find MAC users to rely on should I need help.
I am just getting started learning to use this amazing SW.

At present, I consider myself a total numpty!
But necessity drives innovation, so I press on.


Just to be specific (not otherwise) is it the newest version Ngspice 28?


No. See for details. It is Ngspice 26 for now. 28 will be packaged with KiCad version 6, provided sufficient adoption for it to be widely available.

Edit: Also, if you are interested in speeding the development of KiCad version 6 to have access to additional features, please consider a small donation here:


Thank you again Seth_h. I am considering to make a donation to KiCad via cern when funds are available.
The promotion of knowledge should be foremost on our minds.