How to include PlugIn Modules (BreakOutBoards) in Schematic and PCB Layout?


I would like to include one of these tiny little 0.96” OLED modules in my PCB / CAD Design.
It is a break out board, 7 pins. I created symbol and footprint already.

First approach to include the OLED Module into design is simple.
I include only a socket strip into my schematics, in PCB layout I manually arrange the required amount of free space around the socket strip, all done.

However, I would like to have the PlugIn Module (BreakOutBoard) symbol in the schematics already, in the BOM as well, all properly together and the PCB designer taking care for keep out area of the plug in module.
I can of course include the break out board symbol, draw lines between PCB sockets and the BoB pins - but PCB Layout probably create copper lines. If it survives the electrical rules check.

How to set it up correctly?
Thanks for proposals!



If you put a ‘#’ in front of the ref des, you can include the item in the schematic but exclude it from the pcb. However, it is also excluded from the BOM.


As you seem to want it appear everywhere (schematic as symbol, in the bom and as an outline in the pcb) you can add it like any other part. Simply create a symbol that does not include any pins and a footprint consisting only as an outline on the layers you want to have it shown.