How to import dxf wiring diagrams to the Schematic Layout Editor (not for pcb footprints, etc.)


I have a number of electrical wiring diagrams that were done by a predecessor using Turbo CAD. They do export to dxf, dwg and a variety of graphics formats.

Is it possible to import these into KiCAD for use in the Schematic Layout Editor? I am not finding an obvious route.

Note these are wiring diagrams, not layouts or footprints, so the existing posts on dxf importing has not been helpful.


I once wrote a Java app to convert a bitmap schematic and netlist of an Intel 4004 CPU to an Eagle schematic. It worked quite well, but it was custom to that specific application. I also know of someone who attempted to write an application to convert images of hand-drawn schematics of a 1980s computer with some success. But I don’t know of a generic way to handle this.

In general, I suspect you’d probably spend as much time fixing up faults in the automated conversion as you would re-entering and verifying your schematics.

KiCad is optimised for PCB production. Whilst you can manage electrical wiring diagrams in KiCad, you might find it worth exploring alternatives. Qelectrotech is an open source electrical diagraming software that has a module to import DXF files.

If you are able to import your schematics as a image (high resolution .png works well), then you can use the “Bitmap to component converter” to put your schematics in a library and use them in kicad as images, mind you, the won’t be imported as schematics just a picture that you could use as reference to replicate the schematic in kicad.

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