How to get dimensions of my PCB?

Hi guys,
please i don’t find how to get all the dimensions of my final PCB, is there file or option to do that?
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What kicad version are you using?
What have you already tried?
How precise to you want your measurements?
Did your use some coarse grid to develop the board outline or did you just use whatever was active at the time?

Would you be prepared to use an external tool for this job? If yes then you can use kicad stepup (a freecad extension) to get your board into a good open source mechanical (parametric) cad program. You can then use the drawing dimensions or techdraw workbenches to derive a dimensioned drawing of your board.

Or you can just send the board as a step file to your mechanical engineer. (Depends on why you need your measurements) This means they can import your board into their tools and take the measurements directly from the model.

thank’s @Rene_Poschl for your answer so :
kicad version: 4.0.7
I try to have the dimensions of my PCB (high precise) cause i’ll use an external tool.
how can i get step files and export it on freecad
also i need the drawing dimensions

Install the newest freecad release (0.17)
use the addon manager to install kicad-stepup

load the board into freecad.

More details see for example: KiCad StepUp Cheatsheet

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What does “all dimensions” really mean? There is the “Add dimension” tool on the right tool bar, and the “footprint positions” under File->Fabrication Outputs. And of course the gerber outputs have all the dimensions for all the features.


As Greg said, there is a dimensioning tool that can draw dimension lines on any layer you like. In addition, in the status bar at the bottom of the window, you will see a display of X, Y, dX, dY, and Distance. If you put your cursor anywhere and press the space bar, dX, dY, and Distance will be set to 0. Now move your cursor anywhere else and read the X, Y, and linear distance from the point where you pressed the space bar. Set your grid resolution to the accuracy you desire.

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Great :slight_smile: thank you guys this is what i was looking for

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