KiCad StepUp Cheatsheet

following some recent feedback I started to review the StepUp Starter Guide and came up with a new Guide document

This is a pre-release that will be added to the StepUp repo, when the latest version with some enhancement will be released.

I tried to simplify the Guide, considering that many things have changed since my first release, more than two year ago …
@otoien would you mind to have a look?

Feedback is welcome :smiley:

and the latest here kicadStepUp-cheat-sheet.pdf


I just was courius and had a look. Is the apearance desired?

Hi @Detzi
absolutely not the rendering I would expect
thanks for reporting…
would you mind to check now? I should have embedded all fonts now (updated the file)

thx again

EDIT: do you have ‘Use Local Fonts’ enabled in your pdf viewer? I just checked that also in previous release of file all the fonts were embedded already…

Works fine for me, the only thing that seems like it might be out of place is the following:

Is that supposed to be an image in front of the path?

Hi @1.21Gigawatts
the highlighted box is a bit indented, but that was intentionally… no image in front
so it should be fine…
thx for reporting…

I’m using Opera as my browser, and I get some similar odd rendering when using it to view the PDF. However, when I open it with Acrobat Reader, it looks fine.

I have one other priority right now, but after that is done I will walk fully through this and note where I have any issues.

Thanks for providing this!

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Thanks for a great job improving the documentation, it looks great! It seems like there are a number of features I was not aware of, for instance the possibility to install as a workbench. However when I followed instructions to copy the kicadStepUpMod folder to FreeCaD’s Mod folder I could not make it show up in the list of workbenches after restarting FreeCad, nor does it show up under Cutomize of the add on manager. Is something missing in the documentation on the FreeCad pages on installing workbenches, or is there an incompatibility with v. 0.17 (details below) or this feature not fully developed yet? I suspect something is missing as a number of folders under the Mod folder do not show up anywhere as installed or installable workbenches. I do see KiCad file types listed under the file menu, so maybe I am expecting too much and it is not supposed to show up in the workbench list? (If so, perhaps this can be clarified under the install section.)

OS: Windows 7
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.17.11939 (Git)
Build type: Release
Branch: master
Hash: 6e7952ec672895900eec0c2a25807b25befba818
Python version: 2.7.8
Qt version: 4.8.7
Coin version: 4.0.0a
OCC version: 7.1.0
Locale: English/UnitedStates (en_US)

I am using sumatr- pdf.on a win x64. It still looks not right.

As far as i’m aware, there is no option regarding local fonts in sumatra.

Very thank because i really love it this tool !

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On my win 7 64-bit it looks great in Chrome, Sumatra, and Acrobat Reader.

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Hi @otoien ,
in fact ATM the StepUp WB is aimed only to add the ability to Open directly a ‘kicad_mod’ or a ‘kicad_pcb’ file with the File Menu of FreeCAD.
But I’m working to improve it…
Next release of ksu will have a FC WB with a Command button that would be possible to be added to the FC Toolbar
It will also have a Menu with the ability to open the demo board and the demo footprint to show the main features.
It will also have the kicad StepUp Cheat-sheet inside :smiley:

Hi @Detzi
I have sumatra too but it is displaying fine in my win 64 pc…
I’m going to see if using web safe fonts may solve your issue…
here the page 1 rewritten with most common fonts…
kicadStepUp-cheat-sheet-pg1.pdf (85.2 KB)

would you mind to test it?
thx :smiley:

Thanks for the clarification maui. I must admit I have not even opened/run the demo yet, I just copied the macro, icon into the macro folder and the, and the workbench into the Mod folder. If launching the demo files are incorporated in the menu, one would need some clear instructions as to where to copy those files in the install section.

An added note: On page 6 about the Sketcher, there is a figure with overlapping screenshots where part of the explaining text at the bottom of each screenshot is partly covered up. As I see the whole panel is a single graphic, may be this is intentional. The meaning of the text strips is mostly legible. It is not quite clear to me which command is used to “push” the Sketch containing the board outline to KiCad. May be this is a coming feature; the rectangle icon in the graphic may refer to a StepUp command not yet present. This feature looks very interesting to me.

Hi @maui,
i have to correct me.
In Sumatra both provided Files are looking good now. It looks fine in IE and Firefox too, but when displayed in the Opera-Browser it still looks weired.

Hi @Detzi
so I suppose it is an Opera bug…
I will go with the first attempt file then…
Thx for reporting

they will be already at the right place inside the Mod :smiley:

the screenshots are from a youtube video linked in the cheat sheet :wink:
If you cllick on the link then you will see the new sketcher feature … this is a preview of a new function available on the next release of StepUp, as well as the new WB :smiley:

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Just checked that it is fine in Chrome also.

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