How to get a script for tuning the length of differential pairs?

I need to match the length of 3 differential pairs and check that individual wires in them match too. I know there is such script but I cant find a post about it.
And how do you install and run a script?

Perhaps you"re referring to a post of mine.

Re: Scripts - many posts/tutorials so, search or here’s my video intended only to encourage the curious user. Expand the write-up, the Info contains code for track length…

Scriptease, a new title to my post and project.
Yes, I may have seen your post. I think I installed some scripts, but how it is used? I tried one in the top right corner of the screen, it almost works. The script freezed once, and the “update track length” gives an error. “Load settings” button says the net has no pads. It misses only by two.
Here is what I got

The whole screen. I tried the on the right hand corner of the screen.

I know Nothing about other scripts. I know only my scripts.
Best to look into where you got your script - maybe you’ll get the hep you want.

I understand. How can I find your script?

I don’t post scripts/codes beyond examples - the video shows the full code and the ‘show more’ contains added code, you can copy/paste it.

Homework is req’d to learn the simplicity of creating Plugin’s (and video/show-more has the info needed).

You can also learn how to paste the code (and a couple of lines of needed code to run from the script console tool).

Why do you need a script for this? You can view the length of the diff pairs in the Net Inspector and then use the built-in tuning tools to increase the length of the shorter nets to match the longest.

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That is the way I am going to do it. Especially now when I found the net inspector. Only slight problem is that I have several diff nets, and using the length tuning tool is a bit difficult. What setting to have, and its newer finishing its work. Besides, a good tool could check what is the longest net from selected, and adjust the rest after that.

Edit: Diif pairs could handle switching pins better. I have to add a via myself to swap the order of tracks of a diff pair.
Edit2: Tuning and matching the the lengths of more than one differential pairs could be easier. That is the reason for my post.

It’s in the works… but out of curiosity, why would one need to length tune MIPI CSI/DSI inter-pair skew? All of these protocols usually include internal deskew…



Good to know.
I don’t know for sure, at the moment I know only that my first proto does not work. But it has two problems, first is this diff pairs of different length. I’m very happy if that is not a problem. I have modified an IO4 board file from Raspberry Pi, and I have 3 buses with clock and data pairs.
Second problem is that in some of my diff pairs P and N wire lengths do no not match exactly. I had to cross P and N wires in couple of places, because connectors did not always match, and I didn’t think it would matter. I was wrong probably.

And then in new Raspberry Kicad files they have matched lengths of every data and clock pairs, and of course P and N wires.
And I think I saw a script here for that this autumn or summer, and I couldn’t find it myself now. It looks like there isn’t such script.


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