How to export schematic from kicad to LTspice

I have created an smps circuit using power integrations innoswitch ic. Now i want to simulate it how can i export my schematic file from kicad to LTspice . I am generating the netlist but is unable to do the further process please guide me .

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I’m afraid there is no automatic way. You will have to draw the schematic again in LTSpice (at least, I did always so).
There is also a spice simulator in KiCad but I never tried it so I can’t help you there. But there are tutorials on the web.

I have read that this is possible, but I have never tried. I assumed it is in Tools->Generate Netlist File


and you should point it to the path of LTSpice.

Thanks for the reply Robert.

Thanks for the reply, but i have generated the netlist in Kicad and is unable to point out to the path of LTspice …if you could guide me how to do that it would be great.

Thanks for the reply ,i have watched this video, in this he has made the schematic and simulated it and than exported it to Kicad but my situation is opposite to it, i have created my schematic in Kicad and is willing to export in LT spice for simulation …is it possible?

You can open any spice netlist in LTspice using the open file dialog. Just change the file type in the open file menu to “Netlists”.

You’ll also have to ad a simulation command manually, but it’s not that hard, even if you’ve never done that, as you can use another schematic for reference.

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