How to enhance the size of pads.... for pcb footprints

i made the circuit schematics , then i chose the footprints … laid out all the footprints…
as i want to make pcb himself so from plot i choose the pdf format conversion… and take print out of that pdf…now i can etch the circuit…

the problem i am facing is that the pad size which is too small for drill machine… how can i enhance or extrude it to some extent…

pdf file is attached…

Untitled-F.Cu.pdf (2.7 KB)

also tell me … am i going in write direction … >>>>> from plot to pdf file… for home pcb designing…

Read through these ‘guides’ please and see if their workflow would be usable for you:

tell me how to increase the size of pad

You increase the size by editing them one-by-one in the layout.
Or you make your own footprints and edit the pads in your personal library for that case.

What drill do you have?
I got a press drill and an adapter so I can drill down to 0.2 mm if I dare to.

Also your tracks look pretty thin… I’d make them thicker as well.

The best option would be to create your own footprints with larger pads.

For that simply open the currently used footprint in the footprint editor. Right click on the pads -> properties and edit the drill size as well as pad size. (Choose the drill you want to use)
Save this new footprint into your own lib.
Open the schematic, change the footprint association and re export the netlist.
Import the netlist into pcb new.

You can cheat and edit the pad properties from within pcb_new directly. I would not recommend this because you might run into problems later on.

Be aware that using a larger drill then specified in the datasheet might make soldering harder.
It might also mean you need to redo a lot of traces because they are now too close to the resized pads.

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