How to drag polygon edges perpendicularly?

I have many complex polygons (in my case all edges are axis-aligned), which I need to manually align with script-generated guides (purple) further away in the other direction, so it ends up at the end of the blue arrow:

When I drag the midpoint of an edge, in v6.0 it used to only drag in the perpendicular direction (blue arrow), but in v7.0 it drags freely. I turned on “Contrain actions to H, V, 45 degrees”. At least it’s better, but doesn’t do what I want. As seen in the image, when I drag the edge (circular dot) to my guide (via green dotted line), it snaps to the closest 45° line (brown) instead of the end of the blue arrow where I need it to be.

Is this permanently changed behavior or is there a setting that I can flip?

When i set the step angle to 90° in the settings, it doesn’t move 45°. See image

If this options does not work, you can set the cursor to a window filling cross. This way you can see when it is aligned even when the cursor is only moved horizontally (so the polygon is only extended horizontally).

Already have that on, but with my grid of 0.05mm it’s difficult to align. Still, it’s what I’m doing now since I don’t have any other option.

you can left click with the mouse and the move using the arrows (you’ll need to hands for this)

Hmm… it sounds like you’re looking for a “Constrain actions to H,V” setting which is distinct from “H,V, 45”. We don’t currently have that.

I’m not sure if it is what you want, but switching off “Constraint actions to H,V,45” should avoid snapping at the 45° line.
Shift+Space is default hotkey for it and I use it frequently when editing my complicated zones.

Similar thread . . . “might” help a little.

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