How to design FootPrints NFC Antenna with KiCad without Error DRC?


I want to design FootPrints NFC Antenna with Kicad.

For this, I design antenna in footpints with (EditFootprints). I use a component layer for trace Antenna. For a schema, i use a component “Net Tie”.

But in PCB i have error DRC

Please to help me?



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I have reopened because @Vincent is still having problems and tried to get help on gitlab (which is not the right place for user questions).

Current example from Vincent: (297.8 KB)

The antenna-footprint shows DRC-errors for clearance violation.

The simplest solution is to just ignore this DRC-error, the pcb-designer knows that this DRC-antenna will deliberately short the antenna connection points.

The more advanced solution is to correct the footprint and use the “net tie” feature in the footprint definition.

A corrected project can be seen here: (24.3 KB)

differences (== corrected mistakes) to the original antenna footprint:

  • there was one THT-pad completely without pad-number → renamed to PAD== “1”
  • in the footprint properties → Clearance overrides and settings → set the netties to “1,2”

remaining problem: the bottom copper line must later be routed as additional extra copper track

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