How to customize schematic hot keys in 5.0


I just upgraded to 5.0.2 from 4.something. The first thing I tried to do was customize the hotkeys in the schematic editor. Under preferences in schematic editor, I can import or export hotkeys but I can’t edit/customize. I tried to export them, edit the file, and then import them but that didn’t work either. Can someone advise?


From the main menu (the one showing a list of project files with the .pro file at the top),
Preferences…“Hotkeys Options”…“Edit Hotkeys”
pops up a “Hotkeys Editor” dialog box.
Double-Right-mouse-click on the item you wish to change.
A “SetHotkey” dialog box pops up.
All you do is press the key or keys you want to invoke this, or ESC key to abort.

Repeat for each new hot key you want to re-assign.


Thanks for the reply but these hot keys you reference are for invoking different programs they are not the keys I use within the schematic editor that I want to customize. From what I can tell, you can no longer customize all the hot keys within the schematic editor tool. I guess this is a new “feature”.


In KiCad 5.0 Eeschema -> Preferences -> General Options -> Controls

EDIT: In the future, in 5.1, all configuration of all KiCad programs is centralized into one dialog under Preferences -> Preferences in more easily navigable structure.


eelik that worked thanks! If a kiCad developer is reading this, it makes the most intuitive sense if you’re going to have a pull down menu that says hotkeys, that this would be the place where users would actually edit and assign the hotkeys. Not that I find very much about this program to be intuitive but my 0.02.


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