Hot key for Duplicate Block command


I have seen that you can customise hotkeys (How to customize schematic hot keys in 5.0) in eeschema, but there are a number of commands that are not listed in the preferences section, e.g. “Duplicate Block”.

Is there a way I can add hotkeys for commands not listed? If not, is there a reason why some commands are not listed?

Kicad 5.0.1-3-g963ef8bb5 on Mac OS X.


5.0 is a bit old, 5.1 is the latest. I don’t remember what hotkeys have changed and when, but IIRC 5.1 already has a bit different UI for key assignment. In any case the nightly builds have “Duplicate” action in “Common” section and you can assignit to e.g. hotkey “D”. It works in eeschema, too. If it’s not in 5.1 it will be later in 6.0.

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