How to create many repeated blocks?


Is it possible, to create many ( hundreds ) similar blocks in one PCB? One block have ~20-30 components, and blocks connected in series. In P-CAD PCB, it was Copy-Paste, than connect 2 blocks, Copy-Paste again, connect 2+2 blocks, and align by lines. In Mentor Expedition, it possible by using hierarchical blocks, but it’s heavy proprietary software. Also, my first PCB in KiCAD was drawn per one day, it’s very fast, and easy.
In KiCad I can’t see the ways to create it, except of using script’s. Is it right?


Alignment is little bit easier as you can use {SPACE} and the user origin for moving copied blocks a certain distance (right coordinate/distance readout at bottom of window, not the center one which is absolute). Just remember, it’s select block, hit {space} move it (even with keyboard) while looking at your user coordinates and then {right mouse button, without moving the mouse} > copy block.
For me this only works in the standard canvas, OpenGL doesn’t do this (yet)?
Might file a bug report…

Thanks, Joan, for this quick tip. Was try it, but I’m mean a little bit another thing.

I need a many ( hundreds ) similar parts of circuit, with similar routing, connected together. Each part is too hard to route it one by one. The question have 3 parts:
-create many similar circuits in EESCHhema
-route one circuit
-copy routing for each part on PCB.

Like sample - the Li-Ion controller circuit for the big battery. You have a one controller, but need to copy it for the each cell of battery, using one PCB.

Oh, I didn’t make myself clear enough, sorry.

You create the schematic ONCE in eeschema.
Then you create the layout ONCE in pcbnew.
THEN you copy&paste as I described above in pcbnew.
That way you have to do the schematic/layout only once as per your wish(*).

*) any changes in the net list will make you redo the copy&paste part, so be absolutely sure you’ve done all there is before you start that part of the work.

PS: itsnotrocketscience have got a gerber file panelizer, but access seems to be restricted and I didn’t try yet to acquire it, but maybe it’s possible/useful for you?

No, gerber panelizer not possible, because blocks have a many interconnections.
I was using this method in P-CAD, but don’t like situation, that netlist is not equal to circuit.

When I trying Duplicate selected block, the all existing nets connects parent and child block. Is it possible, to avoid this?

As I understand, need to mine the way to scripting routines, if it possible.

Thanks, Joan!

[quote=“Victor, post:5, topic:1317”]
When I trying Duplicate selected block, the all existing nets connects parent and child block. Is it possible, to avoid this?[/quote]
Do I understand you right, you have a problem with the rats nest connecting all ‘copies’ with each other?
Is it just ‘optical nuisance’ or do you really want to not have them connected ‘under the hood by nets’?
The first is solvable… click on ‘show/hide rats nest’… the second, not so much unless you got a lot of time and/or are a good programmer :wink:

I wouldn’t know how to get 100+ duplicates of nets built in eeschema and then reapply this to 100+ layouts that look all the same on pcbnew.

All is founded before…

Need to start forum search first :smile:

As you said, this doesn’t help and nobody wants to read through a 6 year old thread to find that out. :wink:
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