How to create circular Footprint pad with cut-out

I need to create a component (or a PCB layout) for a vertical launch RF connector, something like what’s shown here:

The cyan is front copper, the red is back copper. How would I create that circle with the cutout and the red transition from the circle to the transmission line with exact dimensions?

This is a controlled impedance environment at 40GHz so I need to be pretty much right on the money per the dimensional specs I’m given.


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This looks to be beyond the typical KiCad tools. However, there are some members here that are very good with other tools and I’m confident that you will get an answer.

The red part can be made from rectangular + rectangular deformed to triangle + circle pads.

The blue circle with the incision is problematic (KiCAD doesn’t ‘know’ how to do internal round ‘corners’), and probably only solvable via Bitmap2Component (from the main KiCAD menu) and if it needs to be exact by writing a script that creates those structures directly in the footprint file (no B2C involved).

See these threads please:


Awesome, thanks for the pointers. I can draw it quickly in AutoCAD and import the DXF. In retrospect that’s fairly obvious!

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