How to create a negative text on the top copper layer

Q… i need to create a negative text on the top copper layer

i created the box with a fill zone and i created the text, but how to i place the text on the keepout ?

or am i doing it the wrong way? pic here:

its the text in the upper right corner i’m trying to do

There is no native method.

One way would be to go trough inkscape and svg2mod. (Draw a box with text removed in inkscape. Convert this to a footprint and add that to the board. This of course means that you can not change the text easily.)
Or even using bitmap to component.

Another is to do this on the gerber level using Combine gerbers (useful for negative text)



yep, will try a few different tools to see what is the most easy one

i tried a few different tools but i did not get to anything usefull

creating the box and text is easy enough once i figure a font that matches the one used.

but the other logos are harder as they are not very clean

will try and see if there are not better pics out in the wild i can use for tracing

gave inkscape another go, its slow work but i got the rough outline of the logo and just need to figure the best font for the text

Any tips on how i can find the correct font? found one in inkscape that looks like the correct shape but even in bold its not thick enough

and it seems that its not the same font for everything, but given this is from 1981-1982 i wonder if they do not use the same font, and the year must limit what fonts it can be

What you got there is a Sans-Serif.

Take your font sample picture and then go to one of the websites that let you go through fonts with the text sample that you give them. Put the sample picture to one side and the website to the other … a lot of clicking and checking and waiting ensues…

Another avenue is using some algorithms/tools built into websites, that might do the work for you, but I never used those (found via google ‘font finder’) and your sample might need additional work to get useful results:

All links are on your own risk, I’m not afiliated or anything.
I used the first two linked websites in the past to find fonts though, like the KiCAD font.

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and what makes this worse is that the etchning back in the day was not the best compared with today

the silkscreen on the rest of the board is a very close match but not perfect either, my plan was to get this done so that i could order a few boards before summer and then start assemble one over fall/winter

just for fun and giggles here are the places on board cropped, dont look pretty but its what i have to work with

arial looks like a close match but the number 3 is not right


and it seems that its not the same font on the whole board but i could be wrong

As I wrote… type the same letters/numbers into the phrase fields of the first 2 links I gave, and they will enable you to compare just the letters you’re interested in with what you got on the original.

and that is what i’m doing

could be nice if the results could be narrowed down to what was availble that year

but works has to halt, house cleaning comes before fun

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