How Please A Local Language Text

When i place a text of chinese,it can not show normaly(it show ??).how can i slove the problem.
Look forward to your replay,Thanks !

I don’t believe KiCad accepts external fonts. There are some prior posts which state this. I assume you are referring to characters on the PCB.

You may be able to make an external file and have that placed on the silkscreen as a drawing or picture or image. Try this link:

I was curious how fonts were implemented in Kicad and did a search on “Kicad fonts” which returned several past discussions. Quick summary:

  • Built-in vector font derived from Hershey fonts
  • Some Greek characters but not much Unicode coverage even for European languages

In short, make a bitmap.

Support for Chinese ideograms has been added in KiCad nightly builds. This will be available in the version 6 release.

That’s great. Will European accented characters be fully supported too?

Need a list of what’s missing, I suppose.

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