How to create high resolution logo silkscreens in kicad?


Sol I’m trting to take an image and convert in into s silk screen symbol and import it into my PCB how ever after using the KiCad bitmap converting and importing the file the image gets quite fat and highly distorted loosing alot of details…

Does anybody know a work around it?

Here is before and after:

testlogo.kicad_mod (28.4 KB)

Any Better, I find using the black and white image option with thresholding gets a better result, equally starting with a high res image and altering the DPI to match the size you want.


Wow you actually took the time to test it(with a very short replay time) with the given example very generous of you!
Thank you very much will use those tips!

There is also svg2mod if you have your logo as vector graphic


i am having the same issue like the OP.

when i upload this in KiCAD PCB design the quality is very poor. i have inverted this so the black is white on the PCB

The attached logo is too small to get good quality kicad silkscreen logo. If you don’t have this logo in vector format, you can get better results if you upscale it with some graphics program. Or even better, try to vectorize it and convert to kicad’s module.

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i don’t have a vector format of the artwork, only the text. upscaling doesn’t work as the quality only gets worse then for me

Maybe you wanted to ask Tlahui Light if they could give you a vector copy?


Or use Inkscape and WhatTheFont to manually vectorize it. It’s 10 minutes of work…


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i redesigned the logo so it is a complete vector. then i used the png to bitmap converter from the software. But on the PCB the logo is nowhere to be seen though all i see is the following

the intended dimension is 8x8mm

this is the redesigned logo

it took me quite a while as i had to manually draw all the lines again.

png is not a vector format.

I exported the vector to PNG


i finally managed to get it working after a few hours of trying different things. what finally made it work for me was to export my vector drawing to .bmp and insert that in the bmp converter for kicad(i know a stupid mistake by me but i will not be the only one for sure) i hope this helps people in the future aswell!

I never worked with graphics on PCB’s, exept for importing grapics from KiCad’s default libraries, such as:


A test in the symbol editor confirms that this logo is drawn in a vector format.