How do I update KiCAD on Kali linux 2024.1?

Help! I have KiCAD 7.0.11+dfsg-1, but don’t know how to update it!

Kali is for advanced linux users…why are you using it?

Kali uses Debian testing, debian testing has kicad 7.0.11.

We do not package for debian. You have to use the flatpak.

It is more for security interests. I played with it for awhile. Definetly not a general purpose OS. From their site:
Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution geared towards various information security tasks, such as
Penetration Testing,
Security Research,
Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.

what is with Snap? is it working there? i installed it via sudo apt install kicad

and kali is my favorite, it’s easier for me than ubuntu, i broke my ubuntu, got kali and i’m happy with it!

Snap for KiCad exists, but currently it’s not official and is stuck at version 8.0.0:

This is not a Kali Linux support forum, you can probably find instructions for your distro online.

If Kali is a Debian system, wouldn’t the normal PPA work?

Ubuntu PPAs generally do not work in Debian-based systems.

I can only use libraries from 8.0.0! So it’s perfect! And with ‘Is it working there?’ I meant Snap.

or can anyone give me the link to the librarys from 7.0.11?

I need Capacitors and SMD-LED’s

The 8.0 snap should come with 8.0 symbol and footprint libraries.

Capacitor and LED symbols are in the Device library starting with C_ and LED_ respectively.

Capacitor and LED footprints are in Capacitor_{SMD,THT} and LED_{SMD,THT} as you would expect.

ok, one question:

i’ve placed hundreds of footprints that I made, and somtimes KiCAD FREEZE! is there a cheap solution for this, I don’t want to buy a new Laptop/a new graphics card, or Intel-Core or whatever!

Sorry, I have no :eye: :deer: about hardware problems. Maybe you don’t have enough RAM or your graphics hardware or software are a problem. You would have to reliably replicate the problem to be able to say it’s a bug, and then since you are not on an official platform, you’d have to find someone to replicate it on an official platform.

right now i’m not in the Snap version, to bad mobile data to download it! i’m using the KiCAD from the sudo apt install-installation.

on Saturday i download the Snap version!

and the reason it freeze:

Autosave :dotted_line_face: !

it happends for a minute, than I see the Save-LED blinking!