How do I create a rectangular pad on a filled area?

I’m currently using V6.0

This doc may give you a guideline: PCB Editor | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad


Thanks for the information. I’ll check itbout. - Jim

When you place footprint at filled area you will have its pads on it. Of course you have to select footprint with rectangular pads (not all footprints have strictly rectangular pads).

Im trying to create a rectangular are on copper fill that I want to have tinned and not covered by masking. Is there a way to do this or do I need a footprint?

It is possible without a footprint.
Make a rectangle on FMask and place it on the zone.

Thsnks. Do I need to fill the rectangle? I tried that but didn’t see a way to fill it. - Jim

Do I need to fill the rectangle?

Only you know how the rectangle should look like.
If you want a filled area, you need to fill it:

  • doubleclick the added mask-rectangle
  • rectangle properties dialog opens
  • in the middle: checkbox “filled shape”


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Thanks, I appreciate the help. I’m not a professional PCB designer. It something I do as part of my electronics design work. - Jim

Surprising is that you have untypical needs.

It seems like when i use various programs I have a knack for finding their limits. :slight_smile:

I had been using Kicad to create schematics for a year or so. I need to have a board duplicated that was created by someone using an ancient DOS program. Some PCB vendors rejected the Gerbers I had. I got a quote based on my Kicad schematic for an estimated 40 hours and $8,000. That was beyond my budget so i decided to try my hand at creating new Gerbers. It was an easy first thing to try since I had a board on hand whose layout I could copy. It took me 36 hours to duplicate the board. The next board I wanted to duplicate with changes was a 3 GHz circuit. It had been laid out for me with an expensive CAD package. I had the Gerbers, but not the rest of the documentation. I couldn’t go to the source because it was a company that reworked my 425 MHz design to have enough stitching to the ground plane for 3 GHz. Now I wanted to replace

7 dusl diode voltage doubling detectors with an Analog Devices detector ADL5511. I have the board designed but need pads on the edges thst are part of the ground plane plus to solder to through hole SMA connectors on a surplus Minicircuits box.

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