How do convert orcad 16.6 to Kicad 5.1.10?


I was using orcad 16.6, but now I’m going to use kicad 5.1.10.
Is there a way to convert the existing orcad library and use it in kicad?


AFAIK there is no possibility to import OrCAD directly, however you can export your schematic as XML. Maybe there is some way to import this XML into some other EDA tool e.g. Eagle/Altium and import that project into KiCad.

Anyway I wonder whether there is a huge demand for importing OrCAD/Allegro designs into KiCad. The Altium importer is based on reverse engineering the data format, the same should be possible for Cadence’s file formats.


But it does not matter much what you want to import. I do not know of a direct converson of an orcad library, schematic or PCB to KiCad.

Gerber files are quite universal though, and KiCad can partiallly re-create the PCB of a project from a set of Gerber files.

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