How could a import a component into a unit B of an existing component?

I have build 2 components named JX1 and JX2, each component has 70 pins.
Now I want to build a new schematic symbol with 2 units, for example unit A and unit B. Unit A is JX1 and unit B is JX2. How could I import existing component to a unit (unit B) of a new component ?

In the current editor there is no real way to do what you want.

If this two units are very different, use a text editor. (create a simplified version of your parts to understand the file format.)
Or read

Another option would be to create the first unit and increase the unit count after you have finished it. Then the new unit is populated by a copy of the first unit. (Useful if your units are very similar.)

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Of course it is. The symbol graphics could be exported as symbol (.sym file) and imported. The only difficult things are sharing options for each symbol items.

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With this method i can import a symbol into another library. But i can’t find a way to import it as a unit into another multiunit symbol. Can you go into a bit more detail of how one could accomplish that?
By the way in the symbol editor i can only export it as .lib file not as .sym file as you mentioned.
I used the buttons shown in the screenshot are these the ones you meant?

No. There are another import/export on the right bar. With these you can import/export graphics.

The workflow is quite simple.

  1. Open the source symbol. Move whole symbol to the right or left or other direction, don’t keep the center position to avoid overlaps with existing graphics in destination symbol. Export as graphics to .sym file. Don’t save the modifications.
  2. Open destination symbol. If it’s a single unit symbol edit properties and increase unit count. Switch to the new unit.
  3. Import graphics from .sym file. Edit each item of imported graphics and deselect “Common to all units in component”. This way imported items will belong only to the selected unit.
  4. Move new graphics to the right position. That’s all folks.

And My best advice. In step 1 it’s the best to remove all pins. Export/Import command include them in .sym file. I think this should be treated as a bug.



I can not find “Common to all units in component” and select “All units are not interchangeable” in step 3, delete existing but duplicated component in unit B, and move the import symbol back in space. (I do not know whether this step is correct.

Now it seems like the unit B (JX2) has been imported successfully. Thanks!

Each item: line, arc, circle, free text has this options in its own properties.
This way if you have double transistor NPN-PNP in single package you can alter only emitter arrow keeping all other graphics shared by both units for example.

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