Typical New User Questions - Creating Lib Components

Thanks for enduring our new user questions. I’ve spent a few hours learning KiCad after giving up on several alternatives. The big challenges for me have always been component creation. At this point, I’m only concerned about the schematic symbols. Footprints will come later. I’m using Windows.

My current challenge is to create a part in the library that is comprised of two other parts already in my custom library. I can open the first part to modify and save as a new part, but I don’t know how to import or cut and paste the second element of the new part. That is, I’m creating a photoresistor comprised of an LED and a photocell, which is represented by my squiggly resistor symbol. The LED symbol is open, but I don’t want to recreate the resistor symbol. What’s the best way to get the (squiggly) resistor symbol there?

There are more questions. Should I start a new thread for each one, or can I just append the additional questions to this one?

If they are unreleated to this question than yes. Otherwise ask them here.

On the right side of the symbol editor there are import/export buttons.
Open the first symbol and export it.
Open the new symbol and import the stuff you exported previously.

The post where i learned this sort of thing. (I didn’t know either. I used a text editor to achieve this sort of thing. Very messy.)

If you want to create a multiunit symbol make sure you have the appropriate number of units given in the symbol properties and that you selected all symbols are not interchangeable.
This post of mine describes how to create a multi unit symbol with differing units: (There i gave the example of how to change the logic symbols such that they have the power ports on a separate unit instead of having them hidden on all units.)


This technique worked great. Thanks!