How can I remove offset from these 741


in this circuit when I give both the inputs 0V (i.e. v1=0V , v2 = 0V) , I’m not getting the output 0V because there is some offset voltage ,
Can anyone help me ,how to remove the offset voltage and to get 0v output

this is the subcircuit used for my 741

(Especially old-fashioned) OpAmps show a large offset. If you look at your symbol and circuit, you see two pins (1 and 5) labled off_null. Please have a look at the data sheet how to use these for offset cancellation.


Also, what is your goal with this circuit?
Using opamps without negative feedback is only going to work as a comparator in real life.

For a tutorial about opamps the good old “opamps for everyone” from Ti is a very good document.

I’m sort of surprised it pops up on Amazon for USD 73

Unless you’re a smelly hard cover book fanatic you may prefer the PDF version.
AKA “slod006b”.

@Malli I advise you to ask this question on an electronics forum or read @paulvdh excellent links
This is not a ngspice problem, but a lack of understanding how opamps work