How can I move hierarchical pin of sheet?

I want to move several hierarchical pins of sheet.

I know I should select all thiese hierarchical pins by block. But if I do this, hierarchical sheet whould be selected. Thus hierarchical sheet would be move while I move block including hierarchical pins that I want to move of this sheet.

An other question is: How can I select another block after I have selceted a block(multiply select block)?


You want to move several hierarchical pins at once - is that the question?

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I have only managed to move one at a time, using the M key and having to select sheet connector vs sheet every time.
Very clumsy!

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yes. I want to move several hierarchical pins simultaneously while don’t move body of hierarchical sheet.

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I want that too then :cry:



a sheet should be edited as any symbol

invoking the normal symbol editor


IMHO. Hierarchical sheets shouldn’t be treated as regular symbols. Imagine: You need to resize and add another hierarchical pins. At your approach, you should pass the sheet symbol back and forth to the editor. These are unnecessary steps!

Therefore, I see several places where things could be done bit better. For example: user defined frame width, user selectable background color. Hierarchical ports graphics could also be longer (twice).

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just referring how they are treated in Mentor

they are called blocks

you can have them automatically generated and/or edit the, yourselves as any symbol

works very well

you can have complete designs including layout as blocks and import into various different projects if you like,

multiple blocks into same project also ok

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