How +5V, +3.3V and GND work in hierarchiccal sheets?

I’m new in Kicad and I’m learning the basics about the schematic development. I have notice that when I use heirarchical sheets, all GND and +5V signals are related. What I want to say is that, when I highlight a wire connected with GND, all wires in all sheets connected to GND are highlighted.

I suppose this happend because GND and +5V are considered as global labels, so all signal in all sheets are highlighted.

If this is like I think, is there a way to avoid this? I would prefere to have independent signals in each sheet.

NOTE: I’m not using heirarchical pins and labels related to GND and +5V in my schematics

Here are some images that illustrate what I mean. This is an example with GND

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english, I’m not native.

power ports (or also known as power symbols) are global labels. This means all GND power ports inside the full project are connected to each other.

The only option not to have this is to either have separate symbols for every part of your schematic or not to use global options.
Using any global label is not an option if you have the same sub schematic instantiated multiple times.

I personally use hierarchical pins even for things like power connections. (Unless the schematic is small enough to fit onto a single page) This allows me to connect everything at the top level as i like.


Thanks for your replay, Rene. I will continuous learning more about kicad.

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You can use Net Label (L) for local nets. They are local for one sheet, so instead of power terminal I’m using Net label for local (sheet) power.

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