Higher maximum limit on units for a symbol

Or if a better solution for what I want exists please tell me what it is.

What I’m doing now is making a symbol for a 70 pin connector, and I like to have the option to move each pin around, so I usually make connectors with one unit per pin. However, I can’t do that with this.

The connector I’m doing now is a cardedge connector, so there is logical way of putting two pins per unit and it will work fine, but it is slightly annoying, and I would rather have a 70 unit symbol.

I think something like this came up before and the limitation may have been the editor and not the actual program. The files are text based so I’m guessing from your handle you might be able to come up with a solution?

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I forgot things in kicad are text based.

I think it was easier to number it with notepad++ than with the kicad editor, but is still kind of dumb that kicad editor doesn’t have the option. I guess no one will want to go much over 64 symbols without writing a loop to number everything for you though, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

There are more uC/BGA components with increasing pin count what require more comfortable pin map dialog with auto increment. See idea for new ui dialog Idea for Pin Mapping Hard Wired Items ie:MosFets

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