Hierarchy Navigator -- any way to pin it open?

The Navigator is quite helpful, but unfortunately it seems to close whenever you click on one of the items to navigate to a new page. It is not, however modal, so there doesn’t seem any software structure reason that it should close.

Is there a way to keep it open? This topic came up some time ago, and ostensibly got fixed:

Keep hierarchy navigator opened

… but in 6.0.7, it closes when clicked… unless there’s a setting somewhere that might keep it open.

It is fixed for next version. I don’t think it will be in 6.0.

It stays open for me is I select “Keep hierarchy navigator open” in Preferences/Schematics Editor/Editing Options.

I’m using KiCAD 6.0.7 under Linux.



Thanks fjullien. Nice to know about that option. Having now set that option, it makes the Navigator so much more useful, and greatly reduces the shortcoming of only being able to open one sheet at a time.

This is a function that other software handles in an immediately-discoverable way by having a “pin” button on the window or panel. Or by just leaving the navigator open and relying on the “X” button (which the Navigator window has).