Hierarchical schematics and printing

Hello everyone,

I’m new to kicad and giving it a try. I’ve made a hierarchical schematic (see the picture)

it consists of two different sub-circuits one is instantiated 16 times, the other four times.

Now I wanted to print the circuit but kicad always wants to print 21 pages, is their a way to tell kicad to only print the three really needed pages?. (I know this is possible for instance with EAGLE)

Another thing I just wanted to mention is the implementation of the hierarchical schematics, I’d like to suggest some changes to this, were is the right place to do things like this?

Thanks in advance!

Warning at the beginning: EESchem is currently under heavy development. We can expect a total overhaul within this year. (A lot of things will change. Especially in the back-end.)

Feature requests should be made over at the bugtracker.
(Read the how to: https://kicad.org/help/report-a-bug/)
Mark the “bug” as importance=wishlist.

You could also ask other users what they think of your requested changes. This could be done here. (But make a new post with a clear title.)

Well a full documentation would need all this pages, because the references are different in each one.
But i also understand why you would want something like this.
In the moment there is no easy way to get exactly what you want.
But there might be a workaround:
Open the print preview and note down the page numbers you want to print. (Just write them down somewhere)
When you press print it opens the print dialog of your operating system which should allow you to select which pages to print. (Enter the pages you selected in the previous step)
I think the syntax for that should be something like: <#1>;<#2>;…<#n>
(where <#x> is the number of the page you want to print. So giving this dialog “1;3;20;21” would print the pages 1, 3, 20 and 21)
Another option would be to print to pdf and use a pdf viewer of your choice for printing the most important pages.

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Thank you for your solutions, I was just curious if there was an option foe this within kicad.

Also thanks for the info of the eeschem overhaul, so I’m looking forward to what will come.

But now I’ve got a different question as I searched the pages to print I saw that the pages are in the order as I added them to the schematic, see:

Is there a way to reorder the sheets?

Not much if any help here but I did something similar a long while ago, newbie also. It had to do with creating a new project then appending the new project by adding the schematic sheets you want to print from each or one project. So you would add the three you want to print.

Sorry but I can’t quite remember how I did it.

Maybe the timestamp? within the sheet definition does this?
Or just the order of appearance of $Sheet … $EndSheet within the master sheet?

I didn’t play around with it though.


I wonder if it is not easier to waste a minute and print the three sheets one at a time with Plot and “Plot current page” option.