HiDPI with 5.1.2 linux

5.1.2, some (Not all) of the UI text rendered in very tiny fonts (low DPI)

In the screenshot, title bar, menu is normal (HiDPI), main panel font is also normal size. but project tree is in very small fonts.

ubuntu 19.04 with XFCE, lightdm and xfwm

Aren’t these set by your system manager? Especially thing like the title bar. I use Debian. I think Ubuntu uses the same “System Settings”.


Sure, system rendered text is fine.

That’s correct hermit. Those settings are controlled by the underlying OS.

Terrance_Huang you need to double check on your OS settings.

Using xubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with xfce here without any font size issues.

I’d suggest to get rid of this custom dpi setting. Go with the system default for a start and take it from there.

by “get rid of this custom dpi”, do you mean clear the checkbox? every text shrinks to as tiny as the project tree.

What else can affect text DPI? as you can see, some text is in correct DPI.

Some more screenshots

Yes, uncheck, and then set the font sizes as you need them.
After that you should have everywhere the sizes you set.

It looks like Kicad does not honour system settings in some places.

Kicad has its own scaling setting found in the preference dialog.

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