Help with school project

Hello guys,I’m having trouble with this scheme I have to make for school,can anyone help me please

Not exactly sure what you are asking for. What are you trying to accomplish with that circuit.

On the display, what are pins 1 and 2 - enable pins for the 7 segment display?

This is a forum for KiCad software and not a general purpose electronics forum. Though we might be able to help if your query is about how circuits work, you are better off trying EEVblog Electronics Community Forum - Index

which will have a much wider audience. Though they will also frown upon doing homework without seeing some effort being put in.

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Hello and welcome @Martinwow142

We are not really into doing homework for students, however, if you tell us your problem, we may have suggestions.
The schematic doesn’t look very Kicadish.

We are not clairvoyant to understand what kind of problem you have with this schema.
As schematic is ready and you have to make it than may be you don’t know what is the display type to order (transistors, resistors and uC are identified). For me it looks it have to be common Cathode one.

The schematic seems to be created and copyrighted by someone else. If the purpose is to translate it to KiCad we are glad to help (copyright laws allow studying purposes). Otherwise this has nothing to do with KiCad.

Yes I have to translate it to kicad but I can’t seem to understand how it’s done,I’ll be very thankful if someone has the time to do it

My English is not perfect and I couldnt explain what I wanted

Do you understand that you were given this task to learn something?

This is a really great way to start your understanding:

Yes, Getting Started is good. Actually the best way to learn is to follow some example but at the same time apply it to your own task. In this case you need (at least) two simple symbols and two more complicated symbols. You should try to find them in the KiCad’s libraries. Then you need to add them to the schematic, move them and connect them with wires.

Start with the two complicated symbols, and the rest is bicycling downhill. Read the Getting Started, ask small specific questions here when they arise, and someone will answer.

I can’t find PIC18F2220 in the library and the blue counter as well,it doesn’t have a number

Hi @Martinwow142

What is the subject at school and how much experience have you had with electronics?

What exactly is this project you have to complete?

I don’t know enough about the PIC numbering but there are plenty there that you might be able to modify without much effort.

What you call a blue counter is probably a sub assembly and not a component, but that is just a guess. You may have to make the symbol.

You were either sleeping through classes or your instructor seems a bit unreasonable here. ‘Go figure it out’ isn’t instruction. :wink:

no,its just that im not interested in this class,because it does not help me in any way in my work,i just have to pass,i did this but i dont know if its even correctly done,and i cant find where to connect Q1 and Q2

the teacher told me to use this PIC16… insted of the original one from the photo,because i didnt find it in the library

Symbol you have suggest that it is common Anode LED display and as I have written in my first post here you need common Cathode one. Q1 and Q2 drives Cathodes.
The symbol you have looks as having connections for all segments + common anodes (those two named _CA) but having no connection for dots. So it probably is wrong.
Once more - you need common cathode display here.

thats the final thing i managed to do,does it look right ?

I just found the same symbol and was going to suggest it. Is it right? Well, that depends on what your instructor wants/says. I’d say close enough from the details given.

thanks for the help!

For me not:

It is common Anode so these 2 lines should be driven from +voltage and not from GND.

You have to select common cathode display or change the design of driving circuitry (pnp instead of npn transistors).