Help with fill zone

I apologize if this completely simple and I dont understand basics but I have been scratching my head and cant think of anything.
Recently migrated from Eagle
I have been trying to create a ground plane but somehow it wont fill.
Start a fill zone,
Select the NET- GND
It doesnt do anything, the DRC doesnt have any related issues.
Its on the same copper plane

Being a new user it wouldnt let me add any additional links

It looks like you do not have a board shape defined (on the Edge Cuts layer). Zones will not fill if there is no board shape.

I think I do, am i missing something on that

OK, I just couldn’t see in your other screenshot.

The other options:

  • you could have no pads on the net you selected for the zone
  • you could have disabled display of filled areas (the toolbar on the left of the screen, which is cropped out of your screenshots)

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This link to a FAQ explains much of the forum workings.

Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the quick help, appreciate it.
Display of filled zones was not selected, that fixed it

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