Help with DRC Errors

Hello world, I continue my learning, and I have 3 DRC errors that I do not understand.
Is there a memo of DRC errors?
Courtyards overlap ???
Foot Print U6 , not TH it is SMD
Drill out off range ???

OK , but I have an Arduino Nano (Through holes) and I have paced 3 x SDM 0805 under . Is it possible to exclure this 3 components for DRC test ???

You could rather edit the arduino footprint and remove the courtyard (see KiCad 7: logos factory footprints have no courtyard defined - #3 by eelik) because it’s really that one which shouldn’t have its own “private area”, i.e. courtyard.

ok eelik, good idea !
For error “drill out of range”, I think I have understand , I had declared net class, and I have modified during rooting… thank’s

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