Help simulating a rectifier circuit for tube amp

Hi all, I’m a newbie with kicad/spice (and too many year far from school :slight_smile: ).
I’ve a circuit that supplies a tube amplifier (it’s a typical rectifier and voltage partitioner) and I need to modify the preamp gain, referring to a similar schematic, found in internet.
I want to simulate current circuit and this new, for comparing and adapting.
I designed both of them, simulation run but shows incorrect values, probably my fault.

Someone may help and show me what’s wrong, please?

Red values are tagert voltages.

this is my sch.

and the netlist:

After a 60 second review:

  • It looks like the schematic connections are correct.

  • The input voltage, “214”, is probably an RMS value. Your simulation specifies a pair of generators with 214 volts PEAK values. (Exercise for the student: What is the peak value of a 214 volt RMS sinewave?)

  • Your simulation will not show the DC values measured in a complete circuit until you add realistic estimates of the currents drawn from each of the taps, “B+1”, “B+2”, and “B+3”. (Try 1.6 mA drawn from “B+3”, 5.4 mA from “B+2”, and 43 mA from “B+1”.)

  • You are asking for some very basic help. That is quite acceptable, especially because you have already made a good effort to find the answers on your own. (“Initiative” is a highly respected trait around here! :grinning: ) Please help us understand your level of knowledge & experience by writing some background information on your Profile.


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To follow your circuit, better post the netlist as text, not as a picture. You might even post the sch and lib files, so that we can run your example. And you did not tell us what you get instead of your target values.

You’re straddling the line of asking for help with simulation and asking for help about electronics design, so more context is required. You were asked above for more information regarding your loads, but you might also need to post more information regarding your voltage sources. I noticed that in your simulation that both sources are in-phase with each other. Is that how it’s supposed to be? Can you provide the link to where you got this schematic from so we can gather more context?

Good catch! ! ! !


Hi holger, I can’t, I made some attemps but site doesn’t permit to attach file because I’m a new user.
I also tried to paste the netlist text, but i got a strange error; it sounds like “New user can cit only one user…”…o similar…probably forum confuses with other content.

Just after wrote post, I thought that I should add a load resistor to simulate tube circuit.
I’ll search for you RMS suggest.
Thanks for help.

You are correct, I replaced input transformer with those two DC impluse.
I tried both no-pahse and 90° phase (I used starting delay to have this), result is very simliar (It shows difference peaks and slope in first voltage increasing, but same finals values).