Help me with KiCad and wxWidgets 3.2

This seems to be a KiCad build issue: I assumed that wxWidgets in /usr/local somehow messed up the entire wxWidgets installation of the system. It doesn’t. Software in the Ubuntu repository using wxWidgets work perfectly fine with wxWidgets 3.2 installed in /usr/local/ . I use some software that requires wxWidgets 3.2. I always have to move the wxWidgets 3.2 libraries to somewhere else before starting KiCad, that’s annoying. Could you resolve that in your builds?

I split off your post to a new topic. You might get better answers than posting to a thread labelled Solved.

However I remember that KiCad packages on Ubuntu come with wxWidgets 3.2 packages so I’m not sure why you have to move things around. But I’m not using Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 22.04 ships with wxWidgets 3.0. I have a program that only builds against wxWidgets 3.2. Therefore I have wxWidgets 3.2 installed. Doesn’t cause any issue, except for KiCad.

@Stefan-Olt I have out of the box Mint & Kicad 7. Everything is fine.

Application: KiCad x86_64 on x86_64

Version: 7.0.1-unknown-202304080438~c18181042f~ubuntu22.04.1, release build

wxWidgets 3.2.1
FreeType 2.11.1
HarfBuzz 6.0.0
FontConfig 2.13.1
libcurl/7.81.0 OpenSSL/3.0.2 zlib/1.2.11 brotli/1.0.9 zstd/1.4.8 libidn2/2.3.2 libpsl/0.21.0 (+libidn2/2.3.2) libssh/0.9.6/openssl/zlib nghttp2/1.43.0 librtmp/2.3 OpenLDAP/2.5.14

Platform: Linux Mint 21, 64 bit, Little endian, wxGTK, cinnamon, x11

Build Info:
Date: Apr 8 2023 04:38:07
wxWidgets: 3.2.1 (wchar_t,wx containers) GTK+ 3.24
Boost: 1.74.0
OCC: 7.5.2
Curl: 7.88.1
ngspice: 38
Compiler: GCC 11.3.0 with C++ ABI 1016

Build settings:

See the bottom of this PPA page: PPA for KiCad: 7.0 releases : “KiCad” team wxWidgets 3.2 is supplied and should have been pulled in if you used the apt instructions for the PPA.

Also I think the 3.2.1 solves a small issue, something rang in my mind but you can search for it.

Thanks, I assumed Ubuntu only ships wxWidgets 3.0, but it contains both versions. As 3.0 was installed and to old I assumed I had to build wxWidgets 3.2 myself. Because the headers for wxWidgets 3.2 weren’t installed the build system still couldn’t find it, even though the binaries were installed during KiCad installation, so installing the headers/dev package should resolve my issues.

You didn’t. The package manager would have pulled in the 3.2.1 wxWidgets packages.

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