GX16-8 Connector Footprint


Hello all,
I am looking for a footprint (or just the pin layout dimensions) of the GX16-8 “Aviation” Connector.

I found this thread about the exact same thing but it seemed to have went unanswered…

Are you still out there and did you ever find what you were looking for?


I spent longer then I care to admit to looking for the pin layout dimensions for this GX16-8 (or any other pin count) and came up empty.

At this point, I’d probably just order one, and measure it with some decent calipers.


I can only think of three options at this point.

  1. Try to find the contact information for a manufacturer of these connectors and ask them. Explain why you need the dimensions and you may get assistance.
  2. As @Sprig mentioned, buy one and measure it yourself.
  3. Plan on panel mounting the connector next to your board (or through a cutout) and use hookup wire to connect it to your board.



I was thinking about this, but figured one would probably need to speak fluent Chinese to ask the question. I did find one DataSheet that seemed it had the dimensions specified, but all the text on the document was in Chinese so I could not quantify it.


Well, one could still try contacting them. I don’t guarantee any response, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Maybe write the email in one’s native language and then append a translated version (from your favorite online translation site). Maybe include as the first line of the translated part a sentence apologizing for the poor translation to their language.

If one is lucky, the email might fall into the inbox of someone who would be impressed enough with the attempt at communicating with them in their own language that they may feel inspired to respond.

Don’t expect results, but (like I said above) it wouldn’t hurt to try.


I ordered some and will post the footprints here once I get it done for anyone else that comes looking in the future. Hopefully I won’t forget to do this…


Have a look over at GrabCAD as there are a few solid models folks have done there.


Yes, I had downloaded 2 of those and I couldn’t feel that i could trust it for PCB pad layout. I used one for my mechanical model though…:+1:


Did anybody find a PCB version of this connector. I strongly discourage soldering a solder bucket type directly into a board as you lose the expected pin movement. With lead free solder dry joints would be inevitable